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It's not what you know it's who you know

sdfgThe Candlelight Club is brought to you through the shrewd and enlightened help of SW4 ultra-premium London dry gin, "The Gin of Champions"

Interesting gin facts

1. SW4 gin is made in a gold-plated bath by a man named Mo.

2. A bottle of SW4 gin is a universally recognised unit of currency among corrupt politicians and bent cops.

3. The story goes that the Candlelight Club started as a private party one night. Some passing dissolute toffs heard the music and revelry and banged on the door, demanding to be let in. The startled doorman replied, "Say, what for?" Legend has it that this phrase became shortened to "SW4" and was adopted as the name of the club's house gin.

Care to dance with
the Green Fairy?

fgThere is much myth and mystique surrounding absinthe, the "forbidden drink". Where better to learn the truth for yourself than the Candlelight Club? We offer two first-rate modern absinthes, Butterfly, made to a 1902 Boston recipe, and sfgLa Clandestine, a colourless nectar from Switzer-land, absinthe's birthplace. They appear in our cocktails but you can also try them served in the traditional way, simply diluted to taste by trickling water from a glass fountain. If you'd like it sweeter, drip the water through a sugar lump on the flat "absinthe spoon" provided.


Gin lore and wormwood nerdiness courtesy of the Institute for Alcoholic Experimentation



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SpeakeasyAt Candlelight Club events you will almost certainly taste cocktails you have never had before, and most probably spirits you have never seen before. You won't find SW4 gin in many high street shops, for instance. And even though absinthe is enjoying a renaissance, the examples we stock are handcrafted boutique products that stand head and shoulders above mainstream brands and really show how complex and profound a drink absinthe can be.

So we've opened our online Liquor Store. Here you can buy a small range of our house spirits by the bottle, delivered to your door to enjoy at home. You can also buy ready-made cocktails sold by the bottle for us via Master of Malt—see below.

Absinthe and rum orders are processed and fulfilled by Distillnation LLP. Gin orders are processed and fulfilled by Park Place Drinks Ltd. Pre-mixed cocktail orders are processed and fulfilled by Master of Malt.


Absinthe is a spirit flavoured with wormwood, fennel, anise and often many other "botanicals", including mint, hyssop and melissa. It is traditionally bottled at a high alcoholic strength to keep it stable: it is always served diluted with water, never neat. Our absinthes are expertly crafted in Couvet, Val-de-Travers, Switzerland, by award-winning Master Distiller Claude-Alain Bugnon, using botanicals from the region

ClandestineLa Clandestine
70cl, 53% ABV, £52.25
Switzerland is the birthplace of absinthe and also the place where it was first (quite unfairly) banned. After the ban the Swiss carried on making it clandestinely, and a colourless "bleue" style became popular—because it was easier to disguise from the authorities than traditionally green absinthe. La Clandestine absinthe is made to a—then wholly illegal—recipe from 1935, using more than ten local plants. It has a distinctly floral flavour, lighter and less bitter and than a typical green absinthe.



More absinthes coming soon…

dfSW4 Gin

70cl, 40% ABV, £22
In a world where new, and often bizarre-tasting, "gins" are released every week, Martin Price of Park Place Drinks deliberately created SW4 as an old-school gin for those who like a good honest gin and tonic, the drink that sustained the Empire. Based on recipes from the nineteenth century, SW4 is a full-flavoured, spicy London Dry Gin that uses the classic flavours of juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peel, cinnamon and cassia barks, earthy orris root, floral angelica, plus exotic nutmeg, almond, peppery savoury and dark, sweet liquorice, to make a bold and complex spirit. The name comes from the postcode where it is made in Clapham, southwest London.




Pre-Mixed Cocktails

Did you know you can buy bottled Candlelight Club cocktails? So far there are two options, both sold online for us by Master of Malt:

Dry MartiniDry Martini
50cl, 40.3% ABV, £29.95
The classic combination of high-proof gin and aromatic vermouth: the precise ingredients are secret but this is a superb example of a cocktail that is deceptively simple and tricky to get right.

Click here to order




NOLANew Orleans Cocktail
50cl, 39.7% ABV, £31.95
The cocktail most of us would call a “Sazerac”, a blend of rye whisky, Cognac, absinthe, bitters and sugar, born in the Big Easy

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Speciality Bitters
10cl, £8.95 (plus £3.50 P&P)
Handmade cocktail bitters from our mixologist David Hamilton-Boyd of Organic Spirit, as featured in some of our cocktails.